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cornwell & sheridan picture cars (310) 217-9060

cornwell & sheridan picture cars

thank you for your interest in cornwell & sheridan picture vehicles.

we have been supplying pictures vehicles to the entertainment and advertising industries for the past 11 years. our cars, motor cycles and airplanes have been credited to many major film projects.

whichever vehicle you chose, it will be delivered to your location completely detailed, camera ready, and ready to go to work! for your convenience, a driver or chauffeur will stay with the vehicle to assure your complete satisfaction with our service.

our guarantee of complete customer satisfaction with our service and reasonable rates make cornwell & sheridan picture vehicles your choice the next time you need a car, motorcycle, or airplane in your project.

call soon to reserve the vehicle that will make your next project as professional as you are. phone us at 310-217-9060 or 310-326-8976. or page us at 310-225-0924 for a quick response.

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ron simon
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cornwell & sheridan picture cars (310) 217-9060
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